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Our Story

Julissa and Vanessa Torres founded Vuh-jai-nuh Cosmetics in April 2021. Two sisters from Uptown Manhattan, driven by their passion for makeup, art and fashion--they decided to fuse their unique artistic talents into a cosmetics line that combines their strengths while capturing the beauty and power of femininity. Vanessa, a visual artist, creates breathtaking works of art with her paintbrush--capturing moments of beauty and expression on the canvas, page and screen. Julissa, a makeup artist, uses the skin as her natural canvas with which to make others feel beautiful, turning her clients into empowered living works of art. Both sisters, obsessed their entire lives with vibrant colors and the concept of ‘Girl Power!’, wanted to create something special from their common interests and share it with the world. These two art-driven women decided to fuse their individual passions into one product, giving birth to Vuhjainuh Cosmetics. Beauty & Art coming together to make cosmetics magic.

Our Belief

Our primary aim is to make everyone comfortable with femininity, and what better symbol of strength and beauty exists than the almighty Vuhjainuh? We believe that whoever you are--no matter what gender or ethnicity, no matter your weight, race or age--that whatever way you choose to express yourself, you should be confident in the beauty products you use! It’s because of this belief that we founded Vuhjainuh cosmetics, because what better way to express that confidence than rocking #Vuhjainuhonmylips 

Our Difference

We promise a line of cruelty-free, top of the line makeup products you can be proud to wear. All of our lipsticks and lipliners are based in coconut oil and Vitamin E. Whether you want makeup you can wear on a daily basis while attending school, work or running errands or whether you desire a bold look; getting glammed up for a special occasion--dinner, dancing or a night out with friends. We are looking forward to sharing our creations with you, and we see our consumer as a direct extension of ourselves and what we demand in a beauty product. With a direct-to-the-customer business model, we hope to save our consumers the cost of products carried in overcrowded beauty boutiques and cosmetics stores. Because everyone deserves the very best in their beauty products, Vuhjainuh Cosmetics won’t let you settle for less. 

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